Risk Management / Partnership / Risk Assessments / Travelling Plans / Training
Risk Management with an Indigenous Expertise

EPENEK, utilizes the vast field experience of former top quality combat unit soldiers together with expert engineers in their area of sciences to gain competitive superiority over other companies. With this expertise, while we produce and procure most crucial solutions to achieve ultimate advantages in the battlefield, we also help you to mitigate the local obstacles by creating periodical or one time Risk Management Plans, Threat and Risk Analysis, Traveling Security Plans, Open Source Intelligence Trainings or others.


Our experts – including specialists with a government background and experience in special operations, country experts, specialists on structural security, and medical experts and doctors – ensure efficient and immediate risk management of the highest quality.


In sum, we do it best, we do it exactly from inside. We do it through our indigenous eye.


Partnership to Overcome the Local Obstacles

EPENEK lays the ground for your business/humanitarian operations with support in risk management through its indigenous expertise in its Area of Responsibility (AOR), mainly across Turkey and its periphery.


Periodical Situation Reports, Threat and Risk Assessments

Your business or humanitarian operations may falter due to a number and variety of obstacles ranging from markets’ to security volatility. EPENEK is willing to be your reliable and robust partner in order for you to identify and overcome the obstacles.


Traveling Security Plans

EPENEK drafts your travel security plan along with security risk assessment. Making your executives and employees feel secure and familiar all along their route and surroundings is EPENEK’s business, 7/24. Our indigenous expertise covers heightened security environments within the threats of “Armed Conflict-Terrorism-Crime-Civil Unrest”.


Open Source Intelligence Training

EPENEK offers its clients a unique state-of-the-art training program, one of which is Open Source Intelligence.