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About Us

We are a group of young veteran military officers and experts with government background possessing academic degrees ranging from engineering to humanities who started a venture in security sector which incorporates the fields of defense security, food security, energy security, water security which FEWS in our company name extension stand for.


We believe that in the absence of the security of these basic human needs, every single component enveloping our lives is prone to get dragged into chaos. So, we have done it with defense sector which we think is the major critical domain to secure the rest.


EPENEK FEWS, utilizes the vast field experience of former top-quality combat unit troops together with functional experts to gain competitive superiority over others. With this expertise, while we produce and acquire most crucial solutions to achieve ultimate advantages in the battlefield, we also assist you to remove the obstacles.


In a nutshell, we do it best, we do it just from inside - we do it through our indigenous eye with a global outlook.


Our Mission

Turkey and its allies have an immense industrial and production capability and capacity heaped together in various corners, along with willing, educated and skillful human capital, which altogether leading the idea to piecing together the assets to generate systems, platforms and many others to meet the challenges of defense domain.


EPENEK refers to “butterfly” which had been used in old Turkish in Anatolia, not commonly used in modern language today. Collocating ‘butterfly’ -a delicate and brittle creature- with ‘Defense’ is intriguing yet precisely portending our mission: flimsy and vulnerable when alone, steel-hard and invincible when together.


Our Policy

How we work:


We work with prospective partners by these three ways.


1. On-the-Shelf Products Based (R&D, design and IP by EPENEK, physically produced by local partners-sub-contractors)


2. Partnership Based (Initiated by EPENEK, developed by us and partners, ready to be further developed by new partners and market ready now)


3. Advisory and Consultancy Based